Tune into WII-FM to Raise Guest Checks and Increase Server Tips

Sep 9, 2017 | Management, Training

How do you raise guest checks and increase server tips? Tune into WII-FM! WII-FM is the number one most popular station in the world. Why? Because it means: What’s In It For Me? Adult learners are more likely to listen, and hopefully learn new skills, only after the teacher or trainer shows them what they stand to gain by listening or learning. How will they benefit? What will they get?
Let’s start with restaurant or bar owners, operators and managers. We’d like to illustrate through a simple math exercise (don’t worry, no quadratic equations or logarithmic tables are required!) what’s in it for you to begin investing more time and money in training your waitstaff and bartenders to start seeing themselves as salespeople, not order-takers. “What’s In It” for owners, operators and managers to invest in sales training?
1. Write down your approximate daily customer count:
2. Now, write down the number of days you’re open:
3. Multiply number two times number one:
4. Add a dollar sign to the left of the answer from #3 above.
Look at that last figure long and hard. How’d you like to see that number added to your gross sales this year and every year without raising prices or doing any advertising? Your servers will like it, too. WII-FM for servers is simple: higher guest check averages equals increased server tips.
Train, teach, coach and counsel your order-takers to be salespeople daily. The more you teach them, the more they learn. The more they learn, the better they earn. If you can’t “afford” it, put off your new POS system purchase for another six months and invest in something today that will pay you back $10 for every $1 you invest (in the first two or three days!) and it requires no new equipment whatsoever: training.
Remember, when you teach, you learn twice. Persevere. When your training stumbles, try a different way, don’t abandon it. It’s usually the last key on the ring that opens the lock. When your new car has a hard time starting, do you junk it and get a new one? No. It’s more practical and less expensive to have it repaired. The same philosophy applies to managing people and investing in daily training.

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