Good bartenders are worth their weight in gold – literally. If drinks are measured accurately, taste “just right” and are served quickly and efficiently, you can count on a profitable business. Too often, though, you’ll find bartenders who are “in business” for themselves, pocketing a few dollars here and there, overpouring to their big tippers and giving away free drinks to friends.

One way to guard against bartenders who give freebies is to delegate a manager to back-up bar service, especially during busy shifts. The management presence will not only keep the bartender honest, but also provide extra help when the bar gets hopping. Teach that manager to pay close attention.

Think about what that extra splash really costs. It’s probably not a lot if it’s just one drink, but 200 overpoured drinks a shift at a consecutive 10 cents a splash adds up to $20 per shift, $40 per day — $14,560 per year!

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