When you think about it, restaurant staff training is a long-term investment in your restaurant. Your process of choosing the right training partner should be the same as what you go through when you consider investing in a new piece of kitchen equipment or the latest POS system. Just as much is at stake with restaurant staff training, and your investment is much more likely to pay off if you consider these four factors when evaluating prospective training partners:

#1 – Restaurant Industry Specialization

No matter what the training topic, real-world relevance is what allows trainees to connect the learning points to their jobs. Make sure the courses your restaurant staff training partner offers are developed by experts in the industry. This is especially important for topics related to restaurant sales and service training.

#2 – Customization and Branding Opportunities

If you’re like most independent or small chain restaurants, you don’t have the budget for fully customized training. But that doesn’t mean your training has to be just like everyone else. Look for a training partner that offers branding options and both off-the-shelf and customized training solutions. This way, you can add customized topics to your learning library for issues specific to your restaurant.

#3 – Career-Focused Learning Paths

Staffing is one of the biggest challenges of restaurant managers and owner. The right restaurant staff training can decrease turnover, especially when they put employees on tracks to advance their careers. The best learning solutions allow training managers to create career progression training paths for employees who have the potential to move on to management positions.

#4 – Blended Learning Methods

The courses your training partner provides are just the foundation of an effective restaurant staff training program. You have to take it from there. The more ways you engage employees on a specific topic, the more likely they are to implement what they’ve learned. Choose a training partner with blended learning strategies built in to their solution.

Online Restaurant Staff Training

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