Quick Service Management TipsIt’s a wham-bam, thank-you-ma’am kind of business and that’s the way most of our QSR customers like it. But while speed is important, we often don’t take the time to actually talk to our customers. Train your counter staff to make interactions fast and friendly:

  • Walk the talk. During downtimes (or just when the team has it under control), walk around the tables and talk to customers. How’s the food? Do you need more ketchup? Did you have to wait long?
  • Boost “bussers.” When you assign someone to clean up tables, also request they offer refills or extra napkins to customers. In one local QSR, the employee who paints faces brings pitchers of soft drinks out during her downtime.
  • Focus up front. Sure, the line’s long and everyone’s busy, but it only takes a few seconds to ask sincerely, “How are you today?” before taking an order.

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