Service & Sales Excellence Waitstaff Training

In a restaurant, service and sales go hand in hand. Without sales, service can’t exist. And without service, you can’t sell anything. The Service & Sales Excellence Waitstaff Training Series is based on Service That Sells!, a restaurant training philosophy developed by restaurant owners for restaurant owners. Workshops within this series include:

Teaching Servers to Sell

The Teaching Servers to Sell Training Workshop is designed to transform order-takers into salespeople. When servers have the tools they need to suggestively sell, guests have a more enjoyable dining experience, sales improve for the restaurant, and servers make more money. Everyone wins! Modules within this workshop include:

  • Introduction to Service That Sells!
  • Introduction to Selling
  • To Sell is to Serve, to Serve is to Sell
  • Increasing Check Averages
  • Behavior vs. Attitude for Higher Sales
Mastering Product Knowledge

The Mastering Product Knowledge Waitstaff Training Workshop is focused on increasing sales through excellent product knowledge. It teaches servers the importance of knowing details of every item on the menu. As servers’ product knowledge improves, so does their confidence in making suggestions that will enhance the guest experience, improve sales, and increase tips. Modules within this workshop include a brief introduction as well as these specific topics:

  • Introduction to Product Knowledge
  • The Basics of Product Knowledge
  • The 4 “P’s” of Product Knowledge
  • The Two Laws of Product Knowledge
Service That Wows

Service is your restaurant’s invisible product. Guests will choose to come back to your restaurant instead of going to the competition based on the service they experience. The Service That Wows Server Training Workshop helps servers and other front-of-house employees understand the importance of providing exceptional service to every guest on every shift. Modules within this workshop include:

  • Introduction to Service Excellence
  • 7 Steps of Service Excellence
  • Problem Solving with Guests
How to Sell More Appetizers & Desserts

The most effective way to increase restaurant sales is through suggesting and selling extras such as desserts and appetizers. The How to Sell More Appetizers & Desserts Workshop is a restaurant sales training program that offers specific strategies and example dialogue to help servers provide better service, raise check averages, and increase tips.
Modules within this workshop include:

  • Strategies to Increase Appetizer Sales
  • Strategies to Increase Dessert Sales
  • Guiding Guests to Desserts They’ll Love

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Waitstaff Training

Cycle of Service

With every guest who walks through the door, your staff should be striving to not only meet expectations, but exceed them. Our Cycle of Service training breaks down a guest’s visit into separate steps and trains staff to deliver exceptional service throughout the dining experience.

Food Safety Training

Food Safety

One food borne illness incident can irreparably damage the reputation of a restaurant, or even shut it down completely. SURE™ food safety training, now available online through Service That Sells!, was designed specifically for the hospitality and retail industries.